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This is a taster session designed for those who have never ridden a motorbike before and are unsure if riding on 2 wheels is for you, the session will provide you with the opportunity to ride a bike safely within our training area, allowing you to build confidence and move on to a full CBT course, or to at least know if riding a bike is something you would like to do.

The sessions are available Wednesday evenings in the spring and summer from 4 -6pm.

CBT  Monday - Thursday

Saturday & Sunday 

A CBT as it is commonly known, is a five-part training course and not a test. It is also the first step for anyone wanting to ride a Scooter or a Motorcycle on public roads. A CBT course will take a full day, please make use of the free online training service for CBT plus please follow the link below

please bring the certificate with you to your CBT as part of the course will cover these elements.

  • Element A - Safety talk regarding equipment and clothing

  • Element B - Introduction to the bike including how to take care of your bike on a daily and weekly basis

  • Element C - Use of the stands and training on our dedicated off road area

  • Element D - Road safety talk

  • Element E - the best part of the day is the 2hr road ride putting into practice what you have learnt throughout your training course.

The minimum age to complete a CBT is 16, you must have a minimum of a valid provisional driving licence and also your National Insurance Number

A​1 Light Motorcycles (3hr lesson)

This can be taken on a

machine between 120 and 125cc. If you are aged between 17 and 19 this will be your only option. Upon passing the A1 you will get a full licence to ride on motorways and take pillion passengers, but you will NEVER be able to ride anything bigger than a 125cc machine that produces a maximum of 11 Kwh (14.6 Bhp) until you pass the next test (A2) when you reach a minimum age of 19 or two years after passing your A1 test.

A2 Medium Motorcycles (3hr lesson)

This will be taken on a machine of a minimum of 395cc that produces a maximum of 35 Kwh (46.6 Bhp). This can only be taken when you are at least 19 years old or two years after passing your A1.

Upon passing you can ride any size of motorcycle but the power must no exceed 35 Kwh (46.6 Bhp) this will never increase!. The other “restriction” on this category, is the machine cannot be restricted to 35 Kwh if it produces more than 70 Kwh or 93.5 Bhp in standard trim.

DAS Any Size motorcycle (3hr lesson)  

The Direct Access Scheme (D.A.S) allows riders aged twenty-four or over to take a test on a large capacity motorcycle. Upon passing the tests this will allow them ride any motorcycle without restrictions.

The 2 practical tests must be taken on a motorcycle of at least 595cc and not less than 40 Kwh (54 Bhp). We use Kawasaki ER6N's

In relation to prices and payment we offer two options, they are:

1. Pay as You Go

2. Course

If you are progressing from A2 - A we also offer a course with reduced lessons and price.

Please call the office on 0151 525 4533 or submit a contact form for prices and information.

DIA Advanced Lessons (3hr lesson)

Driving Instructor Association advanced lesson we will take you out for a ride first to assess your riding and look for points to improve upon, we will then work a lesson plan to improve upon your existing skills taking them and you to the next level.

The Motorcycle Tests

In order to complete all of the above other than the CBT  you must complete the CBT, a motorcycle theory test and take the 2 practical tests.


Module one: This module is conducted at the D.V.S.A MPTC (multi purpose test centre) This test can be booked by our staff for you if you require, but can be booked by yourself if so wish. The test takes an average of 8 to 15 mins to complete, but you are under no pressure to rush through the test by the examiner. They conduct the test at your pace.

Various slow speed and higher speed manoeuvres make up the mod one test, and our instructors will guide you through and give you ample time to practice this test at either the local D.V.S.A test centres using the same equipment as the actual practical test itself, or at our own centre set within the grounds of Aintree Racecourse


Module two tests. This module consists of a 38 to 40 min road ride whilst being followed by a D.V.S.A Examiner, who will assess you riding ability. You will of course by this stage be fully acquainted with the test requirements, as our instructors would have taught you what is required to obtain your full motorcycle licence entitlement.

For Progressive Access A2 - full A entitlement you must have held the lower licence for a minimum of 2 years and then take your Module 2 within 6 months of passing your module 1 test.

*Remember that all documents are required for training and for test day.

 We now sell SPADA clothing if you book with us you can receive 10-15% off clothing 

Please Call: Aintree Motorcycle Training for information and prices

Tel: 0151 525 4533

Mob: 07939 998322

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