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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

•Any damage caused to our machines whilst doing anything that you have not been asked or instructed to do will render you liable for the cost of replacement or repair, including labour charges at main dealer rates.

•Whilst we endeavour to make your time with us safe and secure, there are certain elements i.e. weather, other road users etc, which we will have no control over hence potential riders should be aware that they will be attempting to learn new skills and are challenging themselves to improve their existing abilities. Instructors will share riding techniques, experience and knowledge, but because not every student will have the ability to adopt each technique into his/her personal riding style, students must assume full responsibility for their actions and hold the school or instructors harmless for any and all damage that may result from participation in school activities. (This refers to personal property damage, personal injury, or harm caused to another participant, the personal injury of others and damage to loan equipment.)

•If, at any time, a student is uncomfortable with or incapable of implementing any activity or idea presented by an instructor, it is the students’ responsibility to inform the instructor of this to find a solution, if this is not possible then the student can excuse him or herself from that activity. (The purpose of this is to guard against potential bodily harm, death or property damage).

•I acknowledge and assume all risk of injury or death to my person and damage to my personal property and/or Aintree Motorcycle Training property while participating in motorcycle training activities on or off road. I will rely on my own judgment and ability while participating in the school’s training. I will not sue or make any claim whatsoever against the school, its instructors or the landowners, as a result of such participation. I agree to pay the repair costs for any damage to the machine due to my mistake.

•Aintree Motorcycle Training reserves the right to cancel or stop any training or test, due to bad language, lack of HIGHWAY CODE KNOWLEDGE, verbal or physical abuse, or due to any incorrect/defaced/out of date documentation with no refund of monies paid .

•Any pupils who are deemed to be unsafe/the suspected use of drugs/alcohol during training by any of the instructors and or any third-party personnel, will result in the IMMEDIATE TERMINATION of the lesson “in the interest and safety of themselves and others,” without any refund of monies paid by the candidate to Aintree Motorcycle Training.

Appropriate protective clothing must be worn, you MUST have your own motorcycle clothing  a motorcycle helmet with a saftey standard of ECER 22-05 or 22-06 a motorcycle jacket and motorcycle gloves (Jeans and walking boots are ideal for your lower half), jogging, yoga pants, shorts, tracksuits, trainers and steel toe capped shoes/boots are not appropriate. (we do not supply any clothing due to covid 19) If you are unsure please call the office for clarification as wearing inappropriate clothing may be result in your CBT/lesson being cancelled.

•Cancellation from any student inside the 7 Days Notice period will result in loss of all training fees, but lessons may be moved to another agreeable date between both parties.

•If any booking is cancelled by you and was made before the 7 Day Notice Period then a refund will be given minus the £40 admin fee.

•Gift vouchers are not transferable/refundable or date extendable – the end date is the final date and lessons will not be given thereafter. (Gift vouchers are valid for 6 months from date indicated on the voucher)

•Aintree Motorcycle Training will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or repair to trainee’s belongings or equipment used or stored whilst undergoing training. Unless through fault or cause of either myself or one of our instructors and within provenance. We provide all the necessary equipment needed for your CBT & Direct Access courses and it is your responsibility to look after any Personal Items that you have brought with you.

•If you have any complaint about your training or fees then this complaint must be received in writing within 24 hours of your complaint with proof of delivery to Aintree Motorcycle Training.

•The information given by myself regarding my riding experience at the time of booking was correct, and I understand that any false information given could result in my training being re scheduled to another day, due to a mis-match in my ability, with the loss of any training fees paid. This is important as we do not match a novice rider alongside a Re-CBT for example.

Please don't hesitate to call the office if you have any questions on 0151 525 4533

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